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Every Step of the Way

Preparing for, undergoing, and recovering from thoracic surgery is a big undertaking that can seem pretty overwhelming. As medical professionals dedicated to helping our clients make this transition as smooth as possible, we care about being there for patients by offering helpful resources to prepare you.

Heart Health

Taking good care of your heart can prevent heart disease or help you keep your heart in tip-top shape following surgery. Some of the major ways to keep your heart strong are to eat a heart-healthy diet, avoid smoking, and be conscientious about which types of drinks you’re consuming.

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Preparing for Surgery

There are quite a few tests, screens, and images your surgical team needs to have before the surgery starts. These tools give them the information they need to take the best care of you. During this time, your medical team will answer any questions you have and set the expectations.

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After Your Surgery

Following surgery, things will be different for a while. You will have some tubes and wires connected to your body to help your team monitor your vitals and make sure you are healing properly. You’ll also begin making small steps toward full recovery within the first few days.

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Complications and Solutions

The two primary complications your medical team will be watching for are respiratory complications and sternal wound complications. Getting back up to preoperative respiratory levels is vital before you can discharge from the hospital, as is making sure your surgical wound is healing properly and free of infection.

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The road to recovery can seem intimidating, but these resources are meant to prepare you so you know what to expect. Explore our frequently asked questions page to see what questions others have asked.

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