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The Power of Heart Hugger

As healthcare providers, it’s important to always be on the lookout for new ways to serve our patients. The Heart Hugger has been on the market since the late 80s, and since that time it has helped many patients during recovery from thoracic surgeries. After thoracic surgery, protecting the wound and managing pain are vital to a successful recovery. The Heart Hugger helps by applying encircling pressure around the chest, compressing the sternum and providing much-needed support.

Heart Hugger was invented in the 80s after the founder of General Cardiac Technology, Glenn Williams, underwent cardiovascular bypass surgery. Post-surgery, Williams was shown pain management techniques using a pillow to splint sternotomy. But William discovered the pillow offered limited comfort and didn’t support him when he attempted to move or walk. He began to consider a new solution and eventually the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness was created.

Today, Heart Hugger is a vital part of the recovery process for patients who have undergone CABG, heart valve replacements, and thoracic surgery.

Why Heart Hugger

In addition to the physical compression that supports the sternum after surgery, there are other important benefits. Heart Hugger helps patients increase their confidence and independence during recovery. It can also help prevent further agitation or injury to the wound.

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How To Use Heart Hugger

How to Use

Heart Hugger is amazing in its benefits to the patient and also its simplicity of use. After just a little quick help from a nurse or loved one to get it adjusted, the patient is ready to feel relief immediately.

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Heart Hugger Sizing and Fitting

Sizing and Fitting

Heart Hugger is adjustable in many dimensions so it can be comfortably fit to many different body types. It’s important to fit and size your patient before surgery so they can comfortably put the device on immediately afterward.

How to size and fit Heart Hugger

Surgi Support Vest

The Surgi Support Vest is the perfect companion to the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness for female patients or patients with extra breast tissue. It helps immobilize surrounding tissue to prevent tugging on the incision and is a comfortable alternative to a bra during recovery.

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