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The Power of Heart Hugger

Introducing the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness, a groundbreaking solution that has transformed the landscape of thoracic surgery recovery. In the late 1980s, Glenn Williams, the founder of General Cardiac Technology, embarked on a mission to revolutionize post-surgery care after undergoing cardiovascular bypass surgery himself. Determined to enhance comfort and support during the recovery process, Williams embarked on a journey that would ultimately lead to the creation of the Heart Hugger.

Traditionally, patients recovering from thoracic surgery faced challenges such as wound protection and pain management. Williams recognized that the existing methods, which often involved using a pillow to splint sternotomy, were insufficient in providing the necessary level of support. These conventional approaches fell short when it came to mobility and stability, hindering patients from engaging in essential activities like movement and walking without discomfort.

Driven by the desire to alleviate these struggles, Williams conceptualized the Heart Hugger Sternum Support Harness. This innovative device revolutionizes the recovery experience by applying encircling pressure around the chest, compressing the sternum, and providing much-needed support. Unlike ordinary pillows or makeshift solutions, Heart Hugger offers comfort and security during the crucial healing process.

Today, Heart Hugger is a vital part of the recovery process for patients who have undergone CABG, heart valve replacements, and thoracic surgery.

Why Heart Hugger

Heart Hugger is excellent for relieving patient pain, particularly when coughing, sneezing, or doing other activities requiring excess movement. The physical support helps stabilize the wound for physical pain relief instantly. But Heart Hugger provides so much more than physical support.

In addition to the physical compression that supports the sternum after surgery, there are other important benefits. Heart Hugger helps patients increase their confidence and independence during recovery. It can also help prevent further agitation or injury to the wound.

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How To Use Heart Hugger

How to Use

Heart Hugger is amazing in its benefits to the patient and also its simplicity of use. After just a little quick help from a nurse or loved one to adjust it, the patient is ready to feel relief immediately.

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Heart Hugger Sizing and Fitting

Sizing and Fitting

Heart Hugger is a simple, lightweight, and comfortable way to decrease and manage pain after thoracic surgery. It’s a simplistic system that is easy to size, fit, and put on (with a nurse's or loved one's help). Heart Hugger comes in multiple sizes and has many adjustable straps, so it can be set to fit a wide variety of body types and sizes. It’s important to fit and size your patient before surgery so they can comfortably put the device on immediately afterward.

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Surgi Support Vest

Surgi Support Vest is an additional support option that works in conjunction with the Heart Hugger to offer additional relief. For patients who have undergone thoracic surgery, it’s particularly important to protect the wound from pulling and tugging, which can be painful and cause an increase in potential problems.

For people with breast tissue that requires additional support, the Surgi Support Vest is an excellent solution.

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