How to Purchase

Doctor Purchasing Order Via Phone in Clinic

Ordering Heart Hugger

If you’re ready to equip your hospital with Heart Hugger, ordering is easy! Explore our website resources to learn more about Heart Hugger and its benefits or give us a call if you have additional questions. When you’re ready to order, follow these easy steps:

Email Purchase Order

To order, please email your purchase order with the shipping address, billing address, and contact information to All orders will be confirmed and shipped within 24 hours (M-F) to ensure you get your Heart Huggers fast.


When we receive your order, we will provide you with a confirmation number by email.


Shipping costs will be added to your invoice unless you provide your shipping account. We use Fed X ground unless otherwise specified.

Deciding on your Order

Review our sizes and options on our sizing and fitting page to determine how many of each size you will need.


All units are $105 sold in quantities of 10 per size.

Federal Tax ID


To discuss sternal support options,