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Heart Hugger Has Been Proven Effective

Heart Hugger is Medicare-approved and FDA classified, making it a useful and pragmatic tool for reducing the chance of complications after cardiothoracic surgery and increasing patient comfort. In addition to the benefits to the patient, Heart Hugger also helps hospitals save money by reducing infections and other postoperative issues. 

If you're a healthcare professional looking to reduce your hospital's infection rate and provide better postoperative solutions, here are some resources that may help answer your questions:

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Studies and Resources

Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Heart Hugger for helping patients achieve a quicker and smoother recovery. Heart Hugger helps reduce the chances of sternal dehiscence and infections in patients.

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Economic Implications of Complications

Complications after surgery are costly to both healthcare providers and patients. The economic impact can be a large burden and the best way to prevent it is excellent post-op care.

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Patient Compliance and The Clinical Pathway

Heart Hugger is an effective pain management tool for your patients and is easy for them to use. Learn more about how Heart Hugger works and the benefits it carries for encouraging patient compliance.

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How to purchase

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FDA and Medicare

Heart Hugger is a Medicare Approved U.S. FDA Class I Medical Device.

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